Manchester United came 1, Liverpool didn’t get in! Ranking the 20 rising stars under 19 years old with the highest market value at this time – RANKING

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Revealing the list of 20 young players under the age of 19 who will have the highest market value if they transfer teams in January. Ranked and evaluated by websites Transfermarkt

Manchester United came 1, Liverpool didn't get in! Ranking the 20 rising stars under 19 years old with the highest market value at this time - RANKING

20. Joao Neves – 20 million euros

The 19-year-old Portuguese defensive midfielder, who has emerged with Benfica, has been successful this season and has caught the eye of many big teams, including Manchester United and Manchester City, who are also rumored to be following the youngster’s form. This is the same.

19. Rico Lewis – 20 million euros

A versatile player for Manchester City who can play in a variety of positions at his command. Even though they still haven’t been able to hold on to the main players for the โปรโมชั่น ufabet team. But he was called up to the England senior national team and made his debut.

18. Savio – 20 million euros

The 19-year-old Brazilian left winger of Girona, the team that finished second in the Spanish La Liga this season, has performed outstandingly until the agency has risen to be a team contending for the championship with a performance of 5 goals and 4 assists. Cyst from 14 matches played

17. Antonio Noosa – 20 million euros

The half-Norwegian-Nigerian winger, only 18 years old, has already made his debut at Club Brugge this season. With a playing style that is fast, agile, and goes well with the ball. That has caused many teams in Europe, especially big teams from Italy, to be especially interested in this player.

16. Carlos Baleba – 20 million euros

The 19-year-old Cameroonian midfielder was recently acquired by Brighton to replace Moise Caicedo, although he has yet to show much promise. But if he can adapt, it is expected that he will definitely be an important force in the midfield of the Seagulls in the future.

15. Julio Enciso – 22 million euros

19-year-old Paraguayan striker entered by Brighton He started to shine with the team towards the end of the season before often getting the chance to play. Unfortunately, this season has been hit by injury problems to the point where he has barely been able to play with the team at all.

14. Lesley Ugochukwu – 25 million euros

French midfielder who Chelsea went to join the team last summer. Which is definitely one of the long-term projects of Blue Lion who are about to build a new team Unfortunately, at present this 19-year-old star has not been given the opportunity to prove as much as he should.

13. Alejandro Carnacho – 25 million euros

The Argentine winger is a new hope in Manchester United’s forward line, who has started to receive continuous opportunities lately. But it seems that he still needs to fine-tune his playing style if he wants to become a great player. But at 19 years of age at this time, he is considered one of the most promising young players in the Premier League. You can say that.

12. Arthur Vermeeren – 25 million euros

Royal Antwerp’s 18-year-old Belgian central midfielder has emerged as one of the best young players in the Belgian top flight at the moment with one goal and six assists. List for the agency

11. Endric – 25 million euros

A 17-year-old Brazilian striker from Palmeiras at Real Madrid has already signed a pre-contract contract to join the team. He will officially move to play football in Spain in the middle of next year. It will be interesting to see if he will be able to prove himself on the European stage like he did in his homeland or not.

10. Ousmane Diomande – 25 million euros

The 19-year-old defender of Sporting Lisbon is one of the rising stars that are being watched no less than Gonzalo Inacio, and he is currently a key player for the Ivory Coast national team. And also

9. Youssoufa Moukoko – 30 million euros

German/Cameroonian forward Successfully stepped up to be a main force for Borussia Dortmund this season with 8 goals from 15 matches on the field.

8. Victor Roque – 32 million euros

The 18-year-old Brazilian forward of Atletico Paranaense is another person who has been signed by a giant like Barcelona and is preparing to move to the team full time in the middle of next year. He has performed outstandingly with the agency with 20 goals and 8 assists and has already been selected for the senior Brazilian national team.

7. Giorgio Scalvini – 40 million euros

A future defender, a new star of the Italian national team, who has already made his debut with Atalanta. Ready to successfully seize a real position on the team Until being wooed by many teams joining the league to join the team at this time

6. Romeo Lavia – 50 million euros

A young Belgian midfielder who was relegated last season, although Southampton was relegated, his personal performance was so extraordinary that Chelsea beat their league rivals to successfully recruit him to the team. However, he was unfortunately seriously injured and has not made his debut with his new agency until now.

5. Mathais Tel – 50 million euros

A young French striker, just 18 years old, from Bayern Munich, even though the Southern Tigers have a star-filled team. But he is good enough to insert himself onto the field and has already scored 8 goals and 4 assists for the team as well.

4. Warren Ser Emery – 50 million euros

French midfielder, a youngster of Paris Saint-Germain, who has been thrust into the role of a full-fledged main player this season. He has played 19 games and scored 2 goals and 5 assists. He is also on the national team and is ready to score goals.

3. Lamine Yamal – 50 million euros

Take the 16-year-old young attacker from La Masia, a product of Barcelona’s academy, who has successfully emerged with the team this season. In addition, he has already been called up to the Spanish national team. It will be interesting to see if in the future he can become as great as many of his seniors.

2. Evan Ferguson – 65 million euros

Brighton’s Irish striker who has since been thrust into the first team last season. He continued to improve his skills until he became the target of many giants. Plus, many media outlets have named him one of the best young players in England at the moment.

1. Kabi – 90 million euros

Number one is none other than last year’s former best star, Gabi, a 19-year-old midfielder from Barcelona whose performance is still outstanding with the club team and the national team. But sadly, currently I have a serious knee injury and have to rest for more than half a year. It remains to be seen whether after returning he will be able to regain his former form or not.